50 Shades of "Down" (Drupal Style)

By mrbagnall | 31st July 2020

We've all gotten it. The call. The text. The email. "The site is down". Nothing more. Nothing less. That nebulous nugget of tech support clickbait that anyone in a position of responsibility is forced to drill down on in order to make sure we've properly covered our asses even though it is most likely some other form of content, user or other error in perception of difference between what "up" really means and what "down" really is. 

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Old Demo Tapes

By mrbagnall | 15th July 2020

When I first moved to Nashville back in 1995 it was to become a recording engineer. I didn't care about making music. I couldn't even play an instrument (and I still can't). But I wanted to be the technical guy behind the scenes moving the levels and the knobs. Unfortunately for me, there is a WHOLE lot more to music engineering and mixing than pure technicals. There is the ability to "hear" and "listen" and "understand" music on a level I never trained or practiced to - and didn't really aspire to. And as such, that dream faded pretty quickly.

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Getting Started with Open Source Probo.CI

By mrbagnall | 11th August 2017

Of the many challenges we face as software developers, getting our code through the code review and QA/regression testing process is often one of the more challenging. Moving and copying assets and databases between production, development and staging environments can be tedious, time consuming, and not always successful.

One of the newer tools to come out to help in this sphere of continuous integration and collaboration is Probo. Its singular purpose is to bridge the gap between branches of code to allow you to test specific instances of change within your repository.

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