Encoding LP's, Albums, Casettes in FLAC

By mrbagnall | 07th September 2015

I have recently taken to encoding my vinyl record collection to try and capture what is a superior sound quality. I am learning a few things along the way since this is all pretty new to me even though I'm pretty technically skilled at audio and computers. I was curious if anyone could help me with any of these questions and I'll post answers as I get feedback.

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Installing Xapian.so Without MacPorts/Homebrew

By mrbagnall | 22nd August 2015

If you've followed this blog or even specific entries on this blog, you will know I am not a proponent of MacPorts, Homebrew or other package management applications as they relate to OS X. Instead, I have chosen the "roll your own" route more than once. 

On my blog entry for installing PHP with GD and other utilities on OS X without Homebrew,I have detailed the process that I prefer for maintaining these sorts of applications.

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Introducing mTools, the Right Tool for the Right Job

By mrbagnall | 10th January 2015

Today I would like to introduce a new Drupal helper kit called mTools. Right now this is primarily a collection of Drush commands that are designed to assist site builders and developers during various stages of Drupal site development. While limited right now, this will be growing over time and this article will be updated to reflect that grown and those changes.

This functionality includes:

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